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Delegates Requirements



  • All Delegates must be at least 18 years of age on pageant date and no older than 60 years of age by pageant date.

  • All Delegates must be born female and remain female for the entire pageant process and reign if they become a Titleholder.

  • All Delegates must pay pageant fees of $599.00 (pageant fee of $499.00, sash & pin $100.00) to participate.


  • All Delegates must follow the payment schedule to be in compliance for the 2023 Ms. Full-Figured U.S.A NY Pageant.

  • Each Delegate must sell a minimum 10 tickets. Ticket money must be turned in and is due the day before the pageant, or the Delegate will forfeit her right to participate.

  • All Delegates will give consent for Ms. Full-Figured  U.S.A  NY Pageant to televise, record, photograph and/or use photos for the purposes of the pageant and all delegates. Ms. Full-Figured  U.S.A  NY Pageant will have all rights to any media used during the course of the pageant process.

  • Delegates must promote themselves and the Ms. Full-Figured U.S.A NY Pageant.

  • Delegates must attend workshops/training, which will provide important information on how to succeed in the pageant process.

  • Delegates must do a total of 30 hours of community service and/or volunteer work. Community Service Award will be given for the person with the highest amount of community service submitted.

  • Delegates must develop a platform (A topic of public or personal concern).

  • Delegates must always respect themselves and their fellow pageant sisters. (Respect includes but not limited to: your social media presence, your public appearances and interactions)

  • Delegate must be a resident of the State of New York the entire process and reigning year. A Copy of a New York State driver’s license, school ID or photo identification, will be required for proof of age and residency at the 1st workshop.

  • Delegate must not be pregnant during the pageant process or the day of the pageant. If a Queen becomes pregnant, which we know is a joyous event. She will have to pass down her crown to the 1st runner up.

  • Delegate and Queens must never partake of alcoholic beverages while wearing sash, pin or crown.

  • Delegate may wear any chosen presentable  hair color throughout the pageant process but must wear approved colors on pageant day.

  • Delegate must not take pictures with a crown.

  • Delegate must wear all black (black shirt & black pants or dress) to workshops, unless otherwise stated.

  • Delegate must wear stockings for prelims, pageant, and if competing in swimwear.

  • Delegate must always present themselves in a respectable and presentable manner.

  • In the event a Delegate and/or Queen misplaces, loses or damages their sash or you will be responsible for payment for a replacement, to include shipping.

  • All Delegates and Queens should not have been convicted of a crime or have any criminal charges pending and should not, in any way, have been engaged in any activities that are characterized as dishonest, immoral or indecent.

  • Delegates and Queens MUST abide by the Rules and Regulations herein and should, at all times, display first-rate manners, etiquette and sisterhood; Exercise sportsman-like behavior to all other Delegates, members of staff and judges.

  • Delegates taking part in any of the Ms. Full-Figured U.S.A NY Pageant must be of good moral character, possess grace, elegance, social skills and etiquette.  



Ms. Full-Figured U.S.A NY Pageant operates under the Ms. Full-Figured USA Pageant, LLC







It will be MANDATORY for all Delegates to adhere to the points below:

  • Tickets: Sell a minimum of 10 General admission tickets at $60.00 each for the Pageant. In the event a Delegate does not sell the required minimum amount of tickets, she will be responsible for purchasing the balance of tickets not sold. Ticket money must be turned in and is due the 2 weeks before the pageant, or the Delegate will forfeit her right to participate. ( unless arrangements are made with your Director & CEO)


PROMOTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Each Delegate should promote themselves and the Ms. Full-Figured  U.S.A NY Pageant on all your social media outlets in a positive, inspirational and uplifting way. 

  • Delegates are to like the Ms. Full-Figured U.S.A NY Pageant page on Facebook and Instagram and invite your social media family, friends and followers to like our pages as well.

  • When promoting yourself as it relates to the Ms. Full-Figured U.S.A NY Pageant always use the hashtag #MSFFUSANY23 #MSFFUSANY, we will be able to monitor your progress. We ask that you pay close attention to your comments, photos and messages that you are posting; they must be befitting of your etiquette as a Delegate.  If any Delegate or Queen is found to have inappropriate photographs, defamatory comments or indecent behavior you must remove it from your social media outlets IMMEDIATELY.


  • This may be done on your own and must be documented and verifiable.  It is encouraged that most of your completed hours are done with your Delegate Sisters, but not mandatory to complete together.

  • Please submit your volunteer hours to: or hand them on your workshop dates.


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